Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)

Chamberlain has extensive knowledge and experience placing candidates into EPMO roles for Fortune 100 companies. These professionals are involved in all phases of a project from beginning to end. They stay in constant communication with the team to make sure everyone knows what is going on and adheres to a timeline to make sure the project is completed on time. Chamberlain’s executive leadership involvement gives us the ability to provide our Clients with strong EPMO candidates operating at a strategic level with the enterprise executives. This partnership creates greater transparency into critical decision data that make all parties involved more successful.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance functions are vital to every organization’s success. Chamberlain’s Talent Acquisition Specialists have a strong understanding of the demand for Accounting and Finance professionals. Our experience with business and operational firms, extensive research of Accounting and Finance position, and access to highly specialized talent gives us a leg up in understanding and translating candidates’ skills into business requirements.

Human Resources

Chamberlain’s Talent Acquisition Specialists use their strong understanding of roles within the Human Resource realm to help candidates advance their HR careers. Our dedication to gaining a complete comprehension of our clients’ positions and their requirements allows our team to find top talent that will make a strong impact to the success on the organization.


Chamberlain has a partnership with an accomplished IT leader with over a decade of success driving the delivery of innovative cyber security, risk management, and disaster recovery strategies as a project managers, engineers, and consultants. We understand the most important functions in Information Technology and our experiences have allowed our team to effectively close the gap on resources demands inclusive of technology.