Who is Chamberlain?

Our team is a made up of a diverse group of intelligent individuals who deliver a strong motivational mentality day-to-day. We have the perspective and confidence to understand that our job is to listen and learn, arming ourselves with knowledge and outlook to improve the lives of the people and companies we support. We establish trust and remain a good partner to enable long-term success. We relish the opportunity to solve hard problems and understand and respect that we are trusted with the livelihood of individuals who have families depending on them and companies who have customers and employees that need them to succeed.


Matt Schachman

Founder & CEO


Brad Thomas

Managing Partner

Joan Dominick

Director EPMO and Technology

Eric Gansel

Head of Recruitment and Staffing Services

Kari Chikaraishi

Senior Recruiter, Enterprise Program/Project Management

Brittney Stephenson

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Shannon Kulpins

Marketing Project Coordinator

Justin Corder

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jeff Weber

Senior Recruiter

Court Harris

Director of Veteran Programs


Tiffany Dougherty

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Chamberlain Team Events


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