Soldiers to Salesforce

Chamberlain has developed a robust “Soldier-to-Salesforce” program that sources, assesses, and trains Soldiers interested in sales positions (SATS), in order to create a more agile, cost-effective sales team to enable growth at partner companies.


Step 1: Source

Chamberlain reaches out to the military community to find potential service members interested in finding employment outside of the military.


Step 2: Assess

Chamberlain provides service members a proprietary assessment survey that assesses cognitive aptitude, sale aptitude, and fit within a potential match company (CSF).


Step 3: Train

Chamberlain has a 1-month training program incorporating virtual and onsite training, teaching service members sales methodology, business principles, and match company specific sales training.


Step 4: Sell

Upon completion of the training program, Service Members go out into the field and complete a 2-month internship selling, completing sales calls, and working with clients.