Service Members’ FAQs

Do I need sales experience in order to apply for this prograM / internship?

No, our team of experts will put you through a 1-month training session in order get you up to speed in all things sales.

How long is the training before coming on board as an intern? What does the training entail?

We have a 1-month training program incorporating virtual and onsite training, teaching Service Members/Veterans sales methodology, business principles, and match company specific sales training.

Do I get Paid for the Internship?

You will continue to be paid by the military during the time of your internship. Should a full-time offer be made by the employer, they will provide your compensation.

How do I become ELIGIBLE for The DOD SkillBridge program?

You must have completed at least 180 continuous days on active duty in the armed forces and discharged or released from active duty within 180 days of starting the training.

Are there only sales opportunities for employment?

No, Chamberlain offers a variety of employment opportunities. Visit our job board or call us today for other opportunities.